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Add "target=_Parent" To Fusionmaps Link

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Our site is using fusionmaps in an iframe with a series of links outside of the frame specifying the source of the iframe to change from map to map.


The "link" attribute is dynamically generated and then fed to the <entity> tag using "link='{2}'" and then the dataarray feeding it each link. This is all working as expected.


The issue I'm having is that the redirect link is loading the new page in the iframe. I need a way to append a "target="_parent"" to the link so it will load in the parent page like I'd expect it to.


Searching through the knowledgebase only told me how to load in a popup window.

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If your URL to open is "",

can you please try once using link="F-_parent-" ?


In the above format, we are asking to load the URL in a frame (using "F-" prefix) , the "parent frame".


In Web Development frame based paradigm, we generally refer to "_parent" or "_top" or "_blank" as target "Frames" of links.


In FusionMaps XT, this frame based targeting is handled by declaring "F-" prefix before the link URL.


For more on Drill-down to frame read:

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