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How To Suppress Progress Bar When Loading Charts

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I am in the process of migrating from an older fusion widget release to the new XT one.

My hope/expectation that old charting will immediately work as expected was a bit over-optimistic, i think...


Now I step throgh the problems one by one...


Problem 1: How do I supress the progress bar that appears when the chart loads?

As many widgets are loaded in

parallel that does not make sense, instead of that I have a self made loading bar. Question remains,

how can I get rid of the default chart loading progress bar that gets autmatically displayed while loading flash widgets?

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Not sure which version of FusionWidgets you were using earlier. Flash based widgets always use show pre-loading/pre-rendering progress bars while loading.


Also, you can render JavaScript widgets instead of the Flash widgets to get rid of the progress bars.

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Come on, there must be a way around this.


During Load time it looks completely unacceptable with XT:



After load it looks fine:




I guess there will be a trick making the divs unvisible dring load or something like that.


Link to the HTML: http://www.meteoplug...e4&engine=flash


As far as I understand HTML, the flash is rendered into a DIV set invisible.

Older versions of fusion widgets did a render without making it visible, letting it

to a piece of code from me to set the VID visible again, when I like to do so.

XT render command seems to set it visible automatically. Can I avoid this?


<body onload="timedCount()" style="background-color:#000000;">

<div id="divChart0" style="visibility:hidden"></div>

<script type="text/javascript">

var chart0 = new FusionCharts("../fusionwidgets.xt/Thermometer.swf", "ChId0", "84", "360", "0", "1");


chart0.setDataXML("<chart showValue='1' bgColor='#000000' ....................... </chart> ");



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That is a good trick. Just need to modify something...


Now a days, using latest Flash Players (Plugins and Active X) Flash charts/gaguges do not render inside an hidden or invisible (even outside the browser's visible space) container.


But, you can always render them in tiny DIVs with 2x2 px size. These DIV can be set with CSS not to overflow.


Next, track the rendered event, either defining FC_Rendered function or using addEventListener to listen to "rendered" event and expand the size of these hidden DIVs.

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