Outcnvbasefontcolor Not Working

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Dear All,


I am using the undergiven snippet of code to change the font colour of text in the chart canvas but it is not working. The snippet of code follows :


//******CODE STARTS*******


$strParam="caption=NON CASHOFFICE WISE COLLECTION ($prestyr-$preendyr AND $curstyr-$curendyr);subcaption=;xAxisName=SERVICE PROVIDER;yAxisName=AMOUNT(IN CR);showValues=1;sNumberSuffix= U;formatNumberScale=0 outCnvBaseFontColor='750A34' ";



//******CODE ENDS*********


The chart type is MSColumn3D.


Thanks and regards!!!

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Hi Anirban,


Please make sure you are providing the attributes in the format the FusionCharts PHP Class requires for params. It seems there is a mistake:


You have used: "... ;formatNumberScale=0 outCnvBaseFontColor='750A34' ";


Shouldn't it be:


"... ;formatNumberScale=0;outCnvBaseFontColor=750A34";


* Please mark the semi-colon aftrer formatNumberScale=0

* Please also mark that the colors are not inside single quotes.

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