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Question About Jquery And Datastr Method

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Hi there!!


I trying to develop a new view for an statistic site that I'm building in PHP and MySQL.


At present, I have used the dataStr method, but I would like to use the jQuery plugin in order to introduce a new functionality. I want to have a form in HTML, then launch a query and get the information, finally plot the chart, this actions without refresh the page.


Is it possible ?? Do you have an example with this functionality ??


I'll appreciate your help.

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Guest Sashibhusan



Do you mean to say, you are willing to use FusionCharts jQuery plugin for creating the chart with data from MySQL DB, based on the HTML form inputs?


If yes, this is possible and to implement this, you need to include "FusionCharts.jqueryplugin.js" file present in FusionCharts XT Download Package > Code > jQuery folder.


Right now we do not have any ready sample for this implementation.


For more information on "FusionCharts jQuery plugin overview", please follow the link below:


Please try implementing jQuery plugin to create charts without the page refresh, from your end and feel free to ask, if you encounter any problem.


Hope this helps!

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