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Call Java Sciprt Or Zquery Method

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Hai can u give a small example for below algorithm


When i click on any bar in my chart it should call one JavaScript function and it will show one alert box . i tried with below code but could not get .please give be runnable example .


i tried with below code but no affect.

// ---------------- Event handlers ---------------------//

var objL:Object = new Object();


objL.linkClicked = function(targetObj:Object){

trace("Data belonging to " + + " was clicked");


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Guest Sumedh



A warm welcome to FusionCharts Forum! smile.gif


You can use JavaScript functions as links feature.


Using this feature, you can invoke JavaScript function by clicking on the single data-point of the chart.


FusionCharts XT provides two ways of setting JavaScript functions as links:


> j-prefix: place the function name after the j- notation. The function will be evaluated as a standard JavaScript function and anything placed after the function name separated by a - (dash) will be passed as a single String parameter to the function.


Ref. Code:

<set label='USA' value='235' link="j-myJS-USA,235"/>


> javascript: provide single or multiple JavaScript functions or statements after JavaScript: prefix.


Ref. Code:

<set label='USA' value='235' link="JavaScript: isJavaScriptCall=true; alert('hi JS!'); myJS('USA',235);"/>


For more information, please refer the following link:



Also, if you are looking for events, FusionCharts JavaScript Class API provides a number of events.


You can get more details about the events from here: http://docs.fusionch...API/Events.html


Also, find attached illustration for your reference which uses j-prefix.


Hope this helps!

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