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Toggleable Series

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I wrote some javascript code to toggle series in a multiseries graph, not sure if it works with all of them, i only used it with MSCombi3D.swf.


$j is the jQuery object obviously, replace with $ or jQuery if you use something different.


If someone has a simpler or more effective way of doing this please post here. Also suggestions and comments are welcome.


$j(chart.options.containerElement).data("origData", JSON.stringify(chart.getJSONData()));
var seriesList = $j("<ul class=\"seriesSelect\" />");
$j(chart.getJSONData().dataset).each(function (index, dataset) {
   var li = $j("<li />");
   var checkbox = $j("<input checked=\"checked\" rel=\"" + dataset.seriesname + "\" type=\"checkbox\" id=\"series_cb_" + dataset.seriesname + "\" /><label for=\"series_cb_" + dataset.seriesname + "\">" + dataset.seriesname + "</label>"); (e) {
       var origData = JSON.parse($j(chart.options.containerElement).data("origData"));
       var origDataset = origData.dataset;
       var enabledSeries = [];
       //push all checked series into enabledSeries array
       $j(this).closest("ul").find("input:checked").each(function (i, input) {
       origData.dataset = origDataset.filter(function (ele) {
           for (key in enabledSeries) {
               if ($j.trim(ele.seriesname) === enabledSeries[key]) {
                   return true;
           return false;

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