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I have got a scenario where I am using data from a SharePoint list to create a risk matrix chart. Attached is a screenshot of chart so far and sample of list data. post-33910-0-10335100-1355782117_thumb.png

I am using the likelihood and consequence as x,y values and consequence as Z value.


What I want to achieve (and can't seem to work out how) is display the RISK value either as mouse-over or visible label on the chart somewhere.

i.e. the top right bubble should have 'Potential harm at CP Construction worksites' as its label.


Any help would be much appreciated.





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Hi Richard,


We have released a minor update, which has the fix for the issue you are facing. So could you please download it and check the same?


Thanks for this, do I need to download the full product again or is there somewhere I can download the update? I'm not sure if we have a support/upgrade license.



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