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There have been some references to a new version of Collabion charts (v1.1).


We are under maintenance and have not received any notice about the upgraded version or instructions on how to upgrade.


Can you confirm the upgrade and how do we download and apply this update? I am hopeful that it will solve a few of the nagging issues with have with Collabion charts.



Thank you,


Andrew Bradley

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All I see on the website is the registration for the trial edition.


Do I register again and download the trial? If so, will my license stay and not be changed to the trial edition - we have had issues in the past with the conversion to the licensed edition and I need to be sure that I do this correctly.


Thank You,








Hi Andrew,


You can download the latest version from Collabion web site:


And to upgrade, just run the Setup.exe and choose "Upgrade" when Setup wizard asked for it.


I hope this helps.

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Is there a roll-back process if there are issues after the upgrade? I can't find any documentation or recommendations on this.

Does the upgrade only change the app and not the content database?

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