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Hi Team,


i am facing two issues with the attached chart.


1) i want % symbol should be displayed in bold in Y axis values and also for anchor values (given styles for yaxis values but its not applying for %)


2) Bydefault all values are being displayed outside the bar if dont use the attribute placevaluesinside='1'. my concern is that if i get bar with max value then getting values inside the bar. is there anyway to control that?



Thanks in advance


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1. You may use the chart object "DATAVALUES" for rendering the anchor values in bold. We have tried replicating the issue at our end but it works fine here. Please refer to the attached screenshot of the same. Could you please tell us the FusionCharts version you are using so that we try it here?

2. By default, the values are placed outside the bar.The values appear inside for those bars which have maximum values. Due to space constraints, it is not possible to get the values outside of the bars for bars with maximum values.


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