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Drill Down Charts

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I have a chart, and i want to get it drill down but before drill down i want to give some choices like type-1 type-2.

On clicking on chart bar it should give options to select and then drill down the chart.


So, i want to do is:


suppose i have three categories x, y, z.

and seriesname for each category is a1, a2, a3.

and now i want when i click on ''a1'' of ''x'' a pop up should open with options to select like type1 or type2

and on selecting one of the value the chart then drilldown.

is this possible? and how can i implement this ? plz reply soon.


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Guest Sumedh



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!  :)


Apologies for the delayed response.


You can achieve this using FusionCharts link format, you can use pop-up link format to get pop-up window after clicking on the data-plot.


Ref. Code:

<set .. value='235' link="P-detailsWin,width=400,height=300,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no, resizable=no-ShowDetails.asp%3FMonth%3DJan" />


For more information, please refer the following link:


Hope this helps!


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