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I would like to have more options with the tag




in XY Charts.


Specifically, I would like it to change the scatterpoint in more interesting ways than just making it disappear. Perhaps if there was an option to make it the only point to appear, change the alpha of the other points to a lower setting or change the size or shape of the point to add a way for users to dynamically highlight individual points.


If this feature already exists and I just missed it in the documentation, please let me know. I am getting better at FusionCharts but would still rank myself as a beginner.





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OK, thanks. Might be an idea for the future.

Perhaps something ajax-like to go in and change one point after the chart has been displayed.

I don't have the skills to do it although it should be possible.


If you were going to continue to extend this particular chart, another idea is to add the extra dimension of time (like Google Docs Motion Chart).

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