Scroll Bar In Zoom Line Chart Using Ie

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Hi! I have a zoom line chart in my page. In Debug Mode using IE (it just happens with IE, in other browsers the error doesn't happen), when I click bar (to scroll my chart), I receive the following error message in Visual Studio:


Unhandled exception at line 105, column 181 in http://localhost:50845/Res/Scripts/FusionCharts.HC.js

0x800a138f - JavaScript runtime error: Unable to get property 'call' of undefined or null reference
If a run without debugging, the error doesn't happen and the scroll (by clicking bar) doesn't work.
Please help!


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Guest Sumedh

Hi Lucas,


Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!


Can you please provide some information on following points?


> What FusionCharts version are you using?


> Can you please send us the sample project for testing purposes?

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