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Eric W

Display Order In Single-Y Combination Charts

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When displaying multiple <dataset> components in a single Y-axis combination, is there a way to specify the order in which the plots are displayed?


In general, the <dataset> that appears first in the chart XML is the first to be displayed in the chart's legend, as expected. Depending on the data being displayed and the type of plot being drawn, however, FusionCharts seems to changing the order of the plots in the chart itself.  In most cases, these automatic changes do make the chart look better, but some of our users are insisting that their designated order be preserved.


Is there a way to force FusionCharts to use a specified order?



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Guest Sumedh

Hi Eric,


Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!


I am afraid, there is no way to configure the order of data-plots (datasets).  :(


All the data-plots are rendered according to the dataset element which you have specified in the XML/JSON.


Hope this helps!

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