Fusion Charts From A Xls File

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Hello everybody,


we have an Excel file where people drop their information (for example: payments). We want to create a chart that automatically refresh its data from that Excel, instead of charging the data into an XML file everytime. Is that possible?


If not, could we programme the XML file so it automatically refreshes its data from that Excel?


Thanks all.

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Guest Sumedh

Hi JuanMa,


Apologies for the delayed response.


FusionCharts XT is a JavaScript charting library and ultimately it accepts data in XML/JSON formats.


Charts will not be rendered if you pass Excel data directly to the charts.


However, you can change Excel data and depending on the changes in the Excel file, you would need to generate chart XML/JSON each time. This can be done pragmatically, for this you would need to write your own logic.

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Thanks a lot for the answer


Isn't there an example of an excel file that creates XML code? I was expecting to use macros to save the hole XML code as a XML file. But it does not seem to work so well. Maybe you can give me some tips to find a solution.


Thanks again for your cooperation

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Guest Sashibhusan



We do not have any sample implementation of the same.


However, you could use macros to create XML file from your excel data. But please note that the XML code should follow the FusionCharts data format.


For more information on "FusionCharts XT and XML > Overview", please follow the link below:



Also, please visit the link of "Converting Excel to XML using macros" mentioned below, and see if it is of any help.



Hope this helps!

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