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Realtime Scatter Chart, or timeline

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Please could you create a Realtime Scatter Chart or a Realtime Timeline chart.  


I would like a chart like the Realtime Line Chart but one that I can add datapoints which have a value and a timestamp and have them plotted with an appropriate x-axis scale.   I presume this is not currently possible with any of the existing charts.




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Guest Sashibhusan



Yes, as you have mentioned, Scatter chart in Real Time is not supported by FusionCharts, as of now.


However, if feasible you could update the entire XML/JSON data of Scatter chart by using "setXMLUrl()" or "setJSONUrl()", by calling the function on regular interval of time. But only the value and time-stamp can not be updated.


For more information on "Providing and updating chart data", please follow the link below:


Please note that on each update of the chart data, the entire chart gets re-rendered.


But, if you want to update the value and time-stamp on Real-Time Line chart, you could do that using data provider page and passing time-stamp value as string in "dataStamp".


For more information on "Adding data stamp", please follow the link below:


Hope this helps.

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