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I have a question regarding bubble chat - in bubble chart x-axis label - it looks to me- we have to mention explicitly, but in case of y-axis- it comes automatically, look at below code-

<chart palette='3' numberPrefix='$' is3D='1' xAxisMaxValue='100' showPlotBorder='0' xAxisName='Stickiness'
 yAxisName='Cost Per Service' chartRightMargin='30'>

      <category label='0%' x= '0'/>
      <category label='20%' x='20' showVerticalLine='1'/>
      <category label='40%' x='40' showVerticalLine='1'/>
      <category label='60%' x='60' showVerticalLine='1'/>
      <category label='80%' x='80' showVerticalLine='1'/>
      <category label='100%' x='100' showVerticalLine='1'/>

   <dataSet showValues= '0'>
      <set x='30' y='1.3' z='116'  name='Traders'/>
      <set x='32' y='3.5' z='99' name='Farmers'/>
      <set x='8' y='2.1' z='33' name='Individuals'/>
      <set x='62' y='2.5' z='72' name='Medium Business Houses'/>
      <set x='78' y='2.3' z='55' name='Corporate Group A'/>
      <set x='75' y='1.4' z='58' name='Corporate Group C'/>
      <set x='68' y='3.7' z='80' name='HNW Individuals'/>
      <set x='50' y='2.1' z='105' name='Small Business Houses'/>

      <line startValue='2.5' isTrendZone= '0'displayValue='Median Cost' color='0372AB'/>

      <line startValue= '0'endValue='60' isTrendZone='1' displayValue='Potential Wins' color='663333' alpha='10'/>
      <line startValue='60' endValue='100' isTrendZone='1' displayValue='Cash Cows' color='990099' alpha='5'/>


and also look at the image -  the x-axis label like 20%, 40%, 60% etc are coming from xml file, but y-axis labels- $1,2$, $5 etc are coming automatically.


Is there any way x-axis labels can also be come automatically?


Let me know.





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Hi Ranen,


Yes, it is possible to populate the values for X axis automatically by setting "xAxisLabelMode" as Auto. By default "xAxisLabelMode" has been set as "CATEGORIES".


In auto mode, the chart automatically calculates and displays the x-axis labels. In this mode, the chart ignores the <categories> element and allows the x-axis to inherit the properties similar to that of the vertical Y-Axis.


Ref. Code:

<chart xAxisLabelMode='auto'  ......>


Please refer for more information at:


Hope this helps.

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