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I am using server side export and trying to handle the problem that if a Flash chart or map is out of the view it doesn't start exporting until the page has been scrolled to the part where the flash component is.


is there any event that fires after the export has started (i.e. when the progress bar is at least at 10%)?


Thanks in advance

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Guest Sashibhusan



Could you please elaborate a bit more on your exact requirement?


As you have mentioned, the chart will start the capturing process only when it completes the rendering and present in the browser's viewable area. So, could you please let us know the exact use case of firing the event after the progress bar is at 10%?


However, FusionCharts raise "Exported" event, when the chart has finished export as server side save or client side download. This is used to know whether the export is successful.


For more information on "FusionCharts JavaScript API - Events", please visit the link: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/?JavaScript/API/Events.html


Hope this helps!


Awaiting your valuable response.

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