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stack100Percent is not working properly

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I am using StackedColumn3D/StackedBar3D chart. It is working fine when I set stack100Percent='0'. If I set stack100Percent='1' it is giving me error.

I have checked XML and found that If I remove elements in <dataset> having blank values  and set them to 0 then it works.



My problem is I dont want to show <set value='0'> elements in chart. So I made them <set value=''>. This is causing problem.


For further details I am attaching xml file herewith. My fusionchart version is 3.3.0-release.18739 and I am using Javascript charts.



Let me know if it is bug and is there any workaround.


Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the reply.


I will try this in next 2-3 days.

I wanted to know that if  this new version have any optimization for rendering speed ? or anything on Optimization ?

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Guest Sashibhusan



In the latest version, you can find a bit better optimized rendering of Line chart. Also, you will get some bug fixes, new features and improvements in latest release.


For more information on "FusionCharts XT Version History", please visit the link:


Hope this helps!


Awaiting your valuable response.

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