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Natural vertical line color on xy chart

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I'm attempting to allow Fusion Charts to create vertical lines naturally on my xy charts.  The documentation makes it seem like all vertical lines have to be defined using the category element.


   <categories verticalLineColor='666666' verticalLineThickness='1'>
      <category label='20' x='20' showVerticalLine='1'/>
      <category label='30' x='30' showVerticalLine='1'/>


But that can be cumbersome when you have graphs of different sizes and x-axis values.  So I instead left out the categories element all together, and found that Fusion Charts does do a nice job of just auto creating these vertical lines at intelligent levels.  However, because I've done it this way, it seems I have no way of setting the color of the vertical lines, which were set using the categories element.  I've tried setting the verticalLineColor attribute in the parent element (no luck) and tried creating the category element with the appropriate attributes and no children (creates no lines).


Any way I can have Fusion Charts auto-create the vertical lines and specify their color?




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Guest Sashibhusan

Hi Jeremy,


Could you please try once by setting your own hex color code (without # symbol) in the "vDivlineColor" attribute in the <chart> element of your XML data and remove the <categories> element to, so that auto generate the vertical div lines?


Ref. Code:

<chart vDivlineColor='FFCC00' ...>


For more information on "Bubble Chart Specification Sheet", please follow the link below:


Hope this helps!

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