Angular Gauge charts acting weird in IE

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We've run across a bug that we're having a hard time trying to track down.  We use a few different chart types, but, as far as we can tell, it only happens with Angular Gauge charts.    The chart looks to be output correctly, but it is way off center.  I've attached a screen shot of what happens.


We took the xml and used that to create 3 charts on the same page that use the same data.  The first two were fine, but the last one had the off-center error.  The original xml was output as one big line, but when we formatted it correctly, the error went away. 


We cannot duplicate it on anything other than IE.


Here is the xml that we're using:


<chart showBorder='0' bgColor='F6F6F6' gaugeStartAngle='200' gaugeEndAngle='-20' palette='1' tickValueDistance='20' showValue='1' placeTicksInside='1' adjustTM='0' showTickValues='1' majorTMNumber='2' minorTMNumber='0' caption=' ' formatNumberScale='0' decimals='1' numberSuffix='%' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='4.6'  forceDecimals='1' lowerLimitDisplay='0%' upperLimitDisplay='4.6%'  ><categories  ></categories><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='0' code='FF130C'  /><color minValue='0' maxValue='1.91' code='F6BD0F'  /><color minValue='1.91' maxValue='3.06' code='8BBA00'  /><color minValue='3.06' maxValue='4.6' code='5B7A00'  /></colorRange><dials><dial value='' toolText='No Data' valueY='200' radius='0' /></dials><styles><definition><style name='captionLink' type='font' isHTML='1'  /></definition><application><apply toObject='Caption' styles='captionLink'  /><apply toObject='ToolTip' styles='captionLink'  /></application></styles></chart>


We'd love to be able to figure out what is causing this problem.  Got any ideas for why this might be happening?  Thanks!


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Guest Sumedh



What FusionWidgets version you have used?


Did you try it using FusionWidgets XT v3.3.1 Service Release 2 version? If not then try once again and let us know your feedback.

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We are currently running 3.1.1.  I'll see about updating and get back to you if it's still an issue.  Thanks!

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