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yAxisMinValue not respected when showRegressionLine=1

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When a regression line is turned on for a scatterplot, the yAxisMinValue is not respected.


Here's one where yAxisMinValue is not respected.  The resulting javascript graph will have the y axis go into negative numbers.


<chart showValues='0' yAxisName='Failing Rate' xAxisName='% of Students Who Logged in' outCnvbaseFontWeight='normal' showAlternateHGridColor='0' vDivlineColor='#efefef' divLineColor='#efefef' showShadow='0' showRegressionLine='1' regressionLineThickness='1' regressionLineColor='#c0c0c0' lineAlpha='50' showLegend='0' bgColor='ffffff' yAxisMinValue='0' xAxisMinValue='0' showBorder='0' canvasPadding='0' canvasBorderThickness='5' canvasBorderColor='efefef' animation='0' verticalLineColor='#f5f5f5'>
<dataset seriesName='0' anchorRadius='3' anchorBorderThickness='6' anchorSides='10'>
<set label='10000000005789417' y='0' x='16.7' />
<set label='10000000005789421' y='20' x='33.3' />
<dataset seriesName='1' anchorRadius='3' anchorBorderThickness='6' anchorSides='10'>
<set label='10000000005789421' y='0' x='33.3' />
Switch showRegressionLine to 0, and it goes to 0.
Odd, because the regression line itself doesn't even extend past 0.

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The default behavior of a Scatter chart is that it uses the mode Y on X to draw regression line. In the mode Y on X, values are predicted or a trend of y values are calculated based on the X values. Because of this, x becomes the explanatory variable and y becomes the dependent variable. 


Please try setting the attribute "showYOnX" to 0 to use the mode "X on Y".


Ref. <chart .... showYOnX ='0' >


For more information, please refer the section "Modes of Regression" from the link


Hope this helps.  :)

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