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Dundas to Fusion

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We already using Dundas chart now we need to migrate that ,We already have below charts Area,Bar,Bubble,Candlestick,Column,Doughnut,Line,Pie,Point,Spline,Spline Area,Step Line,Stacked Column,Stacked Bar,Stacked Area,Stock
Kindly suggest which version should buy ?

consider the it should support dot net 3.5 ,Mozilla 9 above IE 6 above

If u send any one sample for above graph it will be great helpful

From Db we get

X Value
Y Value
X Axis Name
Y Axis Name
X Axis Datapoint name


Kindly give the sample code for attached graph .post-50710-0-00433800-1374843223_thumb.pngpost-50710-0-81135400-1374843230_thumb.jpg

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Hi Kannan,


Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


The charts you have mentioned can be created using FusionCharts/PowerCharts products.


The charts Area 2D, Bar 2D, Bubble ,Column 2D/3D,Doughnut 2D/3D,Line 2D,Pie 2D/3D,Stacked Column 2D/3D, Stacked Bar 2D/3D and Stacked Area 2D chart are present in FusionCharts XT package.


The charts Candlestick, Spline 2D,Spline Area 2D,Step Line and Heat map charts for Stock analysis are present in the package PowerCharts XT.

For a complete list of charts available, you may refer the following links:

The XML/JSON data has to be in the specified format for the charts to render. For information on data formats, please refer :

Also, FusionCharts renders charts in all the modern browsers like IE, FireFox,Chrome etc.


For more detailed "Tech Specs", please refer to :

You may download the evaluation copy of the latest version of FusionCharts v3.3.1 SR2 from and check it it would meet your requirements.


The download package consist of sample code implementation. Download Package >> Code folder.


Demo Gallery link consist of sample dashboard which you can test across different browsers.



Hope this helps.

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