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In a pie chart of providers and Kg I can see the names of the providers and the value of Kg of every provider separated by a coma. Is it possible to change the coma between the name of a column a its value, for another character?


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Guest Nirjhar Banik

Hello AIVQ,


Thanks for showing interest in Collabion Charts for SharePoint.


Regarding your query, you can use an attribute "labelSepChar" with desired character to use the same in between the name of the column and its value.Kindly follow the below mentioned steps and the attached screenshot with which the expected result can be achieved.

  • Please open Collabion Charts for SharePoint's wizard and select the desired data provider followed by the list and its value.
  • Move to Data Fields Section and select the desired fields that you want to be present in your chart.
  • Click on Apply and find the chart in the Chart Preview panel.
  • For selecting the Pie Chart move to Chart Type tab,select Single Series from the Drop Down box and select the Pie Chart, click on Apply and find the same on the Chart Preview panel.
  • Now please move to Other Settings Section and click on Custom Attributes Tab.
  • Click on Add and use the attribute "labelSepChar" with desired character under the Attribute value box.
  • Now click on Apply and find the change in the label.

Please feel free to revert back if you have any further queries.




Nirjhar Banik

Test Engineer



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