markerToolText and AngularGauge with javascript

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I have a little problem width AngularGauge and markerToolText width javascript

(works fine in flash mode)

see screenshot , the only thing beetween the two graph is that i had :

 markerToolText='toto' in <point>


markertooltext works in flash, i see the tooltext but i think it's crash angulargauge




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Guest Sumedh


Can you please share the gauge XML here?


Also, what FusionWidgets XT version you have used?

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thsnks for reply and for your help, i use 3.3.1-sr2.19840

no problème with flash just width javascript, if i delete "markerToolText" section , it's works in javascript



<chart  showAboutMenuItem='0'  showPrintMenuItem='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' manageResize='1' showExportDataMenuItem='1' exportDataSeparator='{tab}' exportDataMenuItemLabel='Copier vers Excel' autoAlignTickValues='1' manageValueOverlapping='0' lowerLimit='87' upperLimit='119'  showLimits='0' showTickMarks='1' showTickValues='1'  tickValueDecimals='0' placeTicksInside='1'  placeValuesInside='1' pivotRadius='5' showGaugeBorder='0' adjustTM='0' majorTMNumber='10' minorTMNumber='0' gaugeOuterRadius='100' gaugeInnerRadius='85' gaugeStartAngle='180' gaugeEndAngle='0' tickvaluedistance='10' pivotBorderColor='FFFFFF' showborder='0' animation='1'>
        <color minValue='-200' maxValue='0' code='DCDCDC'  />        
        <color minValue='0' maxValue='50' code='e89794'  />                
        <color minValue='50' maxValue='100' code='FFFFFF'  />                
        <color minValue='100' maxValue='150' code='98cb04'  />                
        <color minValue='150' maxValue='200' code='6a8d03'  />    
        <dial value='114' rearExtension='0' toolText='Magasin 114' bgColor='#3300FF'  baseWidth='6'  showValue='0' />
        <point startValue='114' endValue='114' displayValue=' ' markerToolText='toto' valueInside='0' valuePadding='2' markerColor='#3300FF' markerRadius='10'  useMarker='1' radius='105' innerRadius='100' />
        <point startValue='94' endValue='94' displayValue=' ' markerToolText='toto' valueInside='0' valuePadding='2' markerColor='#66CC99' markerRadius='10'  useMarker='1' radius='105' innerRadius='100' />
        <point startValue='92' endValue='92' displayValue=' ' markerToolText='toto' valueInside='0' valuePadding='2' markerColor='#CC00FF' markerRadius='10'  useMarker='1' radius='105' innerRadius='100' />
        <point startValue='93' endValue='93' displayValue=' ' markerToolText='toto' valueInside='0' valuePadding='2' markerColor='#FF3333' markerRadius='10'  useMarker='1' radius='105' innerRadius='100' />

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We tried to render JavaScript variant of Angular gauge using FusionWidgets v3.3.1 SR2 and it seems that the chart gets rendered fine even with "markerToolText". Please find the attached screenshot of the same.


Could you please send us a live URL or a scaled down sample replicating the problem so that we can test it at our end?


Awaiting your response.


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