Spline curve can be displayed below the Y-axis even if the chart is configured to prevent it

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I encounter a prohibitive problem using the Spline or MSSpline charts.
Even if I configure the chart with a min Y-axis value to 0, if some values are set to 0, the spline is sometimes displayed below this value, on flash or javascript versions.

Moreover, the chart automatically changes the min Y-axis value, depending this anormal position.

The following captures show the example from here: which I just customized to replace some values with 0.

37626445fc.png  Flash version                  890265fc2.png JS version



I tried to define the Y axis min value and to prevent the chart for auto adapting the display (setAdaptiveYMin to 0).


Here is the XML code:

<chart anchorAlpha="0" palette="4" caption="Sales Comparison" numdivlines="4" lineThickness="2" showValues="0" formatNumberScale="1" decimals="1" anchorRadius="2" numberPrefix="$"  yAxisMinValue="0" setAdaptiveYMin="0" shadowAlpha="50">
    <category label="Jan" />
    <category label="Feb" />
    <category label="Mar" />
    <category label="Apr" />
    <category label="May" />
    <category label="Jun" />
    <category label="Jul" />
    <category label="Aug" />
    <category label="Sep" />
    <category label="Oct" />
    <category label="Nov" />
    <category label="Dec" />
  <dataset seriesName="Current Year" color="A66EDD" anchorBorderColor="A66EDD" anchorRadius="4">
    <set value="1127654" />
    <set value="0" />
    <set value="0" />
    <set value="0" />
    <set value="1324454" />
    <set value="1357654" />
    <set value="1296234" />
    <set value="1359456" />
    <set value="1391565" />
    <set value="1414454" />
    <set value="1671565" />
    <set value="1134454" />
  <dataset seriesName="Previous Year" color="F6BD0F" anchorBorderColor="F6BD0F" anchorRadius="4">
     <set value="927654" />
     <set value="1126234" />
     <set value="999456" />
     <set value="1111565" />
     <set value="1124454" />
     <set value="1257654" />
     <set value="1196234" />
     <set value="1259456" />
     <set value="1191565" />
     <set value="1214454" />
     <set value="1371565" />
     <set value="1434454" />
      <style name="MyXScaleAnim" type="ANIMATION" duration="0.7" start="0" param="_xScale" />
      <style name="MyYScaleAnim" type="ANIMATION" duration="0.7" start="0" param="_yscale" />
      <style name="MyAlphaAnim" type="ANIMATION" duration="0.7" start="0" param="_alpha" />
      <apply toObject="DIVLINES" styles="MyXScaleAnim,MyAlphaAnim" />
      <apply toObject="HGRID" styles="MyYScaleAnim,MyAlphaAnim" />

I believe this is an anormal behavior of the chart. It shouldn't display a part of the chart below the min Y value, and it shouldn't move the Y-axis, based on this bad display.

How can I manage to fix this display?

Thank you a lot for your support.

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I am also having the same problem with all spline chart types. The yAxisMinValue doesn't seem to have to effect. And this is one of my favorite chart types.. :(

Any suggestions?

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Guest Sashibhusan



We have identified this issue as bug and looking into this.


We will keep you posted, if any further updates on this issue.

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