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exportHandler - server side FCExporter.aspx.cs not working

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I am curently evaluating FusionCharts XT functionnalities.

On point is to be able to export charts on ASP.Net.


I am trying the provided script "FCExporter.aspx.cs" included in evaluation version.

Its generating error at runtime :


     - Line 918 : ##ffffff is not a valid value for Int32.
       gr.Clear(ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#" + rawImageData["bgcolor"].ToString()));
     - Line 938 : Index was outside the bounds of the array.
       int fRepeat = int.Parse(split_data[1]);
Looks like the version of the export handler is too old (version 2.0 [ 19 March 2009 ]).
Could you provide a more up to date version ?
Thanks for your help.


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Guest Sumedh

Hi Alain,


There is one implementation to export JavaScript charts at server-side using ASP.NET C#. This implementation can be accomplished using Sharp Vectors utility.


If you want to try out this implementation, then please drop in a request at [email protected] 

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