I have problem. can you help me...?

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Hello.. I'm korea web programer.


I have problem, 'FusionCharts("element").ref.getSVGString()'in javascript method.


I use IE then get SVG source, perfectly image. 

, but use webkit browser (ex.Chrome,safari,firefox. etc...) is not good.....


why? can you help me...;( ?


and can you go link and

try download chart, this button( btn_down.gif )click, and chart download




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Guest Sashibhusan



It seems, the URL you have posted, is not downloading the chart in IE10 and Chrome browser.


However, we have created one sample using your JSON data and it is working fine in IE10, Chrome 30 and Firefox 24.


Please find the attached sample (using Evaluation version of FusionCharts XT v3.3.1sr2) for your reference.


Hope this helps!


Looking forward to your valuable response.

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