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printManager for Flash graph (re-render issue)

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Any idea to stop the Flash graph to render again after print preview is close.


Currently i'm using it for the multiple graph (flash) in the same page. Problem is that graph will be render again once the print preview is close. This is happen to your demo site too. (Flash version). This is very troublesome when the page has many graph and need to re-render to wait a lot of time just for render print graph (canvas).


Browser: Chrome 31.0.1650.48

Browser: Safari 6.0.5

OS: Mac 10.8.4

FusionChart version: 3.3.0


Partial Code:

var chart = new FusionCharts("js/fusionchart/Line.swf", chartID, "100%", "200", "0", "0");


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Guest Sumedh

Hi Wesley,


As you are already aware, FusionCharts XT is discontinuing Flash.


So, try using JavaScript charts, you will not face this issue.

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