Performance Issue for Scatter charts for large data

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I am using a licensed version of Fusion Charts (v3.1.1) for rendering a scatter chart with plot points of around 20,000. This is taking about 30-40sec purely on the browser side with flash disabled. With Flash turned on, it's taking even longer. The performance is consistently slow across 3 browsers (chrome, Firefox and Safari). On profiling, I noticed that multiple JavaScripts in the FusionChart.HC.js file are slow.

Is there an upper limit on the amount of data that a scatter chart can handle?

Is there any other way to improve the performance?


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Guest Sumedh



The rendering performance of the chart depends on various factors such as machine configuration, other visual elements, no of processes running at the time of rendering etc.
Depending on these factors and with these number of data-points, chart may take time to load.


Plotting 20,000 data-points in a Scatter chart is not possible.If you want to plot data with large amount of data-points, you can go for ZoomLine charts.


For more information, please refer following links:


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