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2 or more real-time cylinder gauges on 1 page

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How can I place 2 or more real time cylinder gauges on the 1 page. I can use &value to update 1 automatically so what format should this be for 2 or more cylinder gauges on the 1 page?

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Guest Rishab



You can put as many charts as you want in a web page.


For this you need different <div>/<span> to render the charts.


For every chart you can provide a different data XML and provide different 'dataStreamURL'.


For example-

var myChart = new FusionCharts( "Cylinder", "myChartId", "300", "250", "0" );

var myChart2 = new FusionCharts( "Cylinder", "myChartId2", "300", "250", "0" );

Please refer to the attached sample along with the screenshot showcasing three real time charts.


Please refer the link below for more information on RealTime Cylinder widget-



Hope this helps.

RealTime (3).zip


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