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Using setTransparency with LinkedCharts

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I am using LinkedCharts with all data embedded in the same XML file.  Everything is working well in terms of the drilldown into the data.


However, I want all charts to be Transparent.  The parent chart is Transparent, but this does not carry through to the Child chart.


HTML Code:


<div id='chartContainer6'>
<script type="text/javascript"><!--         
 var myChart = new FusionCharts( "FusionCharts/MSColumn2D.swf", 
 "myChartId4", "500", "350", "0" );
// This is properly setting the Back button properties
 FusionCharts("myChartId4").configureLink (
     message: 'Back',
     fontColor : 'AFD8F8',
 }, 0);
// -->     
XML code (snippets):
<chart caption='Current Weight Allocations' showLabels='1' showvalues='0' decimals='2' numberSuffix='%' borderThickness="0"
canvasBgAlpha='0' legendBgAlpha='20' bgAlpha='0' outCnvBaseFontColor='AFD8F8' useRoundEdges="1">
For each child set of data within the same XML file, I have the same parameters as above.
It appears that the new Chart is not rendered with the setTransparency option set to True.  Is there a way to pass this value from Parent to Child, or perhaps set it in the XML or the configureLink method?

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Guest Rishab

Hi Rory,


Can you please try explicitly adding the value of the attribute 'backgroundColor' as 'transparent' as mentioned below?

FusionCharts("myChartId").configureLink (
      backgroundColor: 'transparent'  

The attached item is the sample fulfilling the needed scenario along with the screenshots of the same.


Hope this helps.

post-47865-0-60046100-1387351635_thumb.jpg post-47865-0-46227100-1387351629_thumb.jpg


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Sorry for the late response, just letting you know that this worked.  I did not receive an alert that someone had answered, so just getting back to this this week.




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