Elger van Boxtel

Bug: JavaScript Culumn2D json showValues results in "Invalid Data"

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I render a column2D chart through JavaScript, which works fine. If I add the showValues property to the chart element, then it results in a  "Invalid Data" message. If I leave it, then it will render as expected.


The showValues property is mentioned in the functional attributes under http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/ChartSS/Column2D.html#Anchor1.



"chart": {
        "caption": "Category wise Sales for 1996",
        "xaxisname": "Month",
        "palette": "2",
        "animation": "1",
        "formatnumberscale": "0",
        "numberprefix": "$",
        "showvalues": "0",
        "numdivlines": "4",
        "legendposition": "BOTTOM",

(Complete JSON attached Column2D.txt)


Could you please take a look at this and notify me when this will be fixed.


P.s. I am not allowed to upload .json files, so I've renamed it to .txt.


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Guest Sashibhusan



It seems, in your JSON data, you are defining "showValues" two times in the "chart" node.


Please note that FusionCharts JavaScript charts does strict JSON validation and will detect malformed JSON data, if duplicate attributes are defined.


So, please remove one "showValues" attribute and try once again.


Hope this helps!

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