Invalid Data with Linked Charts

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I am building xml on the fly and passing it to the rendering function. When I add a link in the xml, I get an Invalid Data message. I have already ensured that the Flash security settings are correct and tried changing the ' to quot; .


Here is the xml that is being passed to rendering function:

"<chart caption='Incidents in the Last 30 Days' xAxisName='Date' yAxisName='# of Incidents' showValues='1' showLabels='0' >

  <set label='2014-01-02' value='2' link='JavaScript: isJavaScriptCall=true; ShowDrillDownChart('2014-01-02',1);' />

  <set label='2014-01-03' value='1' link='JavaScript: isJavaScriptCall=true; ShowDrillDownChart('2014-01-03',1);' />

  <set label='2014-01-04' value='1' link='JavaScript: isJavaScriptCall=true; ShowDrillDownChart('2014-01-04',1);' />

  <set label='2014-01-05' value='0' link='JavaScript: isJavaScriptCall=true; ShowDrillDownChart('2014-01-05',1);' />

  <set label='2014-01-06' value='0' link='JavaScript: isJavaScriptCall=true; ShowDrillDownChart('2014-01-06',1);' />

  <set label='2014-01-07' value='0' link='JavaScript: isJavaScriptCall=true; ShowDrillDownChart('2014-01-07',1);' />

  <set label='2014-01-08' value='0' link='JavaScript: isJavaScriptCall=true; ShowDrillDownChart('2014-01-08',1);' />

  <set label='2014-01-09' value='0' link='JavaScript: isJavaScriptCall=true; ShowDrillDownChart('2014-01-09',1);' />

  <set label='2014-01-10' value='0' link='JavaScript: isJavaScriptCall=true; ShowDrillDownChart('2014-01-10',1);' />



I am using FusionCharts version 3.3 on my local machine.

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Guest Sumedh



Since, you have generated your chart XML with ' (single quotes) try to escape the single quotes or try to build the chart XML with double quotes (").


The single quotes are conflicting here in your XML.

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Hello. Sorry to jump your problem, but I'm having a similar problem.

I'm using the 3 tier page setup derived from the FusionCharts Demo.

The charts do not like the date:                                                                dashboard.php?sumindex=2013-12-14

It works fine with everything else and even works without the dashes:    dashboard.php?sumindex=2013214


It is a DateTime field in a MYSQL Table.


Cannot work it out, but maybe we have the same problem?



Edited by Jamie 1

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Ok I fixed my problem by conditioning the send from the default (index) page to remove the dashes..


$intsumindex = date("Ymd", strtotime($_GET['sumindex']));


Strange to have to do that and threw me for 2 days. Ok now thanks.

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