No data message with PHP class

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I currently am using the php class to render my fusion chartl

        $strParam="caption=something;xAxisName=Days;enableSmartLabels=0; showvalues=0; formatNumberScale=0;";
        return $chart->renderChart(0,0);

I would like to change the default message: "No data to display" to something more specific when there is no data.


How do I do this using the PHP class?





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Guest Sashibhusan



You could set various chart messages using the "setChartMessage(string $msgParam)" PHP class method. Please note that the $msgParam will hold the chart message attributes separated by delimiters, as mentioned below.


Ref. Code:

$FC->setChartMessage("ChartNoDataText=Chart Data not provided;PBarLoadingText=Please Wait.The chart is loading...");

For more information on this, please visit the link:


Hope this helps!

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