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Fusion Chart 3D view

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Good Day Sir,


I am using Fusioncharts PHP 3DChart_Col_1 Codeing in My project

'Code Below:


 <div id="chartdiv" align="center">Chart will load here</div>



var dataString ='<chart palette="2" caption="Country Comparison" showLabels="1" showvalues="0" decimals="0" numberPrefix="$" clustered="0" exeTime="1.5" showPlotBorder="0" zGapPlot="30" zDepth="90" divLineEffect="emboss" startAngX="10" endAngX="18" startAngY="-10" endAngY="-40">\n\

<categories><category label="Austria" /><category label="Brazil" /><category label="France" /><category label="Germany" /><category label="USA" /></categories>\n\

<dataset seriesName="1998" color="8BBA00" showValues="0">\n\

<set value="45000.65" />\n\


<set value="44835.76" />\n\

<set value="18722.18" />\n\

<set value="77557.31" />\n\

<set value="92633.68" />\n\


<dataset seriesName="1997" color="F6BD0F" showValues="0">\n\

<set value="57401.85" />\n\

<set value="41941.19" />\n\

<set value="45263.37" />\n\

<set value="117320.16" />\n\

<set value="114845.27" />\n\



<dataset seriesName="1996" color="AFD8F8" showValues="0">\n\

<set value="25601.34" />\n\

<set value="20148.82" />\n\

<set value="17372.76" />\n\

<set value="35407.15" />\n\

<set value="38105.68" />\n\




<style name="captionFont" type="font" size="15" />\n\



<apply toObject="caption" styles="captionfont" />\n\





        <script type="text/javascript">


            var chart = new FusionCharts("../../Charts/MSCombi3D.swf", "ChartId", "560", "400", "0", "0");

            chart.setXMLData( dataString );






Problem : But 3D View i can't Show it, 2D view Only i Got it The ablove Codeing, What problem please tell Me

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Guest Sumedh



You are rendering the chart MSCombi3D chart in JavaScript mode. Please note, True rendering capabilities are not supported for MSCombi3D chart in JavaScript variant.


True 3D rendering is only supported in Flash variant. 

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