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Dynamic Change properties Jquery

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Good Day Sir,

My project Concept Is Dynamic Chart generate, Show Multiply Chart on Single DB data,  And Also Provide Customize wise Change Color,font,backgrond color, text,subject,sub_title


But I need Without Postback use jquery or javascript To change This properties,


how I change This properties Dynamicly,


u r DOC is only on Code generate Time Change This properties, But I need Dynamic Change To Show Customer,

Ans Me Sir, Jquery or Javascript To change Only i Needed



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Guest Sumedh



You can update/change the chart properties after rendering the chart.


All you need to do is to access the chart id of the chart and pass the updated chart XML or if you want to change <chart> level attributes, then you can simply use 'setChartAttribute()' function.


For more information, please refer the following links:


Hope this helps!

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