XML for Multi-Series Bar Chart with different number/ order of data values

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I have set category labels as below. I have two data sets for the multi-series bar chart.


The first dataset has all data points, in the right order. The second dataset ('BENCHMARK FUEL MIX') does not have a value for "NUCLEAR" and the data is generated in a different order in sql, so comes out in a different order when constructing the xml.


The second dataset : set name='HYDRO' does not pass the value to the 'Hydro' category. Because it is the first in the dataset list, its value is passed to the first category in the category list, Nuclear.


How do I get fusioncharts to recognise that I am passing a value for hydro, that needs to show in in the hydro category?



xAxisName='FUEL' yAxisName='Persentage' showValues='0' numberSuffix='%'

 chartOrder='line,area,column' >


<category label='NUCLEAR'/>

<category label='COAL'/>

<category label='HYDRO'/>


<dataset seriesName='USER FUEL MIX'>

<set name='NUCLEAR' value='0.51314510033995527343252'/>

<set name='COAL' value='0.16717460403856217640270'/>

<set name='HYDRO' value='0.15279657767844008918241'/>


<dataset seriesName='BENCHMARK FUEL MIX'>

<set name='HYDRO' value='0.00001690385748955934983'/>

<set name='COAL' value='0.98261366271075040777074'/>




Many thanks,



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Guest Sumedh

Hello Mark,


You would need to check on the value for NUCLEAR label and you would need to pass it in the 'BENCHMARK FUEL MIX' dataset.


If the data for 'NUCLEAR' label is not present in your database, then you would need to simply insert (build <set> element with null) the 'null' for 'NUCLEAR' label 


Ref. Code:

<dataset seriesName='BENCHMARK FUEL MIX'>

<set name='NUCLEAR' value=''/>  ----------------------------------------------------------------------- [<set> element with null]
<set name='COAL' value='0.98261366271075040777074'/>
<set name='HYDRO' value='0.000016'/>
You would need to put condition accordingly for the NUCLEAR label (<dataset seriesName='BENCHMARK FUEL MIX'>) and you would need to apply own logic for this.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks Sumedh,


That answers my question thanks! Assigning values to categories on the fly like I would a variable doesn't work, you're right...I changed my stored procedure so that it outputs the same amount of data points, in the same order... job done!


Thanks for your help.



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