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White box from hell below tooltip [Closed]

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Hi Mark,


The box that appears over the X-axis labels is the Overlay Label. It appears when the mouse cursor hovers over dataplots. This label displays the datalabel of the dataplot which is currently being hovered over. When the mouse cursor is dragged over the dataplots for zooming, two overlay labels appear below the X axis indicating the start point and end point of selection.


If not set, it takes font color set in the "baseFontColor". It is because of this reason that it appears to be blank.  You may change various properties like the background color, font color, font size etc of this label by applying styles to the object "OVERLAYLABEL".



Place this below all the datasets and before the closing tag of chart.


        <style name='MyFirstFontStyle' type='font' font='Verdana' size='12' color='FF0000' bold='1' bgColor='FFFFDD' />
        <apply toObject='OVERLAYLABEL' styles='MyFirstFontStyle' />
For information on font type of style, refer :
Hope this helps.

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