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Atul Darne

Want to reduce speed of rising bar graph while rendering

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Hi Atul,


It is not possible to reduce the speed of animation of data plots in JavaScript variant of FusionCharts,as of now. If you do not want data plots to animate at all, you may set the the attribute "animation" to 0.



<chart .... animation ='0' >


However, if you are using Flash variant of FusionCharts, then you may use "Animation" type of styles, to achieve your requirement. 



         <style name='plotAnim' type='animation' param='_yScale' start='0' duration='5' />
         <apply toObject='Dataplot' styles='plotAnim' />
You may increase the duration more if you want the data plots to appear more slowly. Please place the above code snippet after all category elements ( or set elements for Single series charts) and before the closing tag of chart.
For more information on Animation type of styles, refer :
Hope this helps.

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