Upgraded and Now Several Issues

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We upgraded from 3.2.3 to 3.3.1 because printing in IE10+ was not working.    So now I have bigger issues:


My 2DColumn Charts now are all off - the scale doesn't work.   The graph doesn't line up with the X/Y axes.   My MS2DColumn work just fine still.   

I can't export at all to JPG using pure Javascript - nothing happens.   It doesn't even work on the sample online.

In IE10 I get cross-site scripting error can can export to anything at all.


We are supposed to go live with our project today!!

<chart caption='Facilities Expenditures/GIE' shownames='1' showvalues='1' decimals='2' useRoundEdges='1' legendBorderAlpha='0' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' baseFont='Arial' baseFontSize ='12' baseFontColor ='000000' rotateValues='1'  numbersuffix='%' exportEnabled='1'  exportFileName='Genl_R_FacExpGIE_inst' showBorder='0' bgColor='FFFFFF' canvasPadding='0'><set label='XXX' value='4.5099' /><set label='University of X' value='5.2594' /><set label='University of X' value='4.9149' /><set label='XUniversity' value='6.1869' /><trendlines><line startValue='4.2001' color='FF0000' displayValue='Overall Avg (12-13)' showOnTop='1'/></trendlines><styles><definition><style type='font' name='CaptionFont' color='666666' size='15'/><style type='font' name='SubCaptionFont' bold='0'/><style type='font' name='myLegend' color='666666' size='13'/><style name='myAxisTitlesFont' type='font' font='Arial' size='12' bold='0'/></definition><application><apply toObject='caption' styles='CaptionFont'/><apply toObject='SubCaption' styles='SubCaptionFont'/><apply toObject='Legend' styles='myLegend'/><apply toObject='X-AxisName' styles='myAxisTitlesFont' /><apply toObject='Y-AxisName' styles='myAxisTitlesFont' /> <apply toObject='DataLabels' styles='myAxisTitlesFont' /></application></styles></chart></chart>


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Guest Sashibhusan



It seems the Column2D chart is rendering fine using your XML data and the latest FusionCharts Suite XT v3.3.1sr3 version.


Please find the attached screen shot of the same for your response.


However, with regard to your issue related to "export the charts to JPG using pure Javascript", if you are trying to export using external server "by calling http://export.api3.fusioncharts.com/", this will not export the chart image, which is a know issue with the latest version and we are working on this issue.


So, for the timing you could implement your own export mechanism using "Batik" in your own server. For details, please visit: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/exporting-image/ECPureJS.html


Also, is it feasible for you to provide the live URL of your issue and drop a mail to <[email protected]> mentioning all your issues, to assist you in a better way?


Awaiting your valuable response.



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