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FusionChart Page Not Taken Pdf

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Good Day Sir,


I am Using Fusion chart To My Project,


My Project Definition:

                               My Project Like Info graphic, User Can add More Chart like[column,pie etc.........]


Also user Can Add Customize Background Image,image,text,editor plugin


Also User Can set Background Image and Background Color



I ll Must Need Page To PDF


i was try html2pdf,Dompdf etc........


But Pdf Work Perfectly, but Fusionchart I didn't saw, Why Fucionchart not Support Pdf in That Page



i ll Send Example Picture



i need Fucionchart Containing Page to PDF



Attachment Details: 



First  1=>  NormalHtmlPage: This Page User Can Assing And include Text,image,Chart,And Background image,image


Secound 2=>  i ll download page to html   Like Picurehtmlpage.jpg


Thirrd=> i was Convert  html2pdf  I got Image,text,picture to Attached Pdf, but i can't  saw Fucionshart TO Pdf, extra i got 2 block dot on pdf,



why Not Support Fucionchart  Contains Page PDf



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Hi Senthil,


This problem seems to be specific to the third-party library (html2pdf,Dompdf etc) that you are using to convert HTML page to PDF file.


We suggest you to use wkhtmltopdf/PhantomJS to convert your entire page to PDF along with other contents like image,text,etc and FusionCharts. These libraries can be used even after rendering the chart on a browser.


For implementing them in your sample, refer the blog post :


Hope this helps.

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