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Chart not supported error

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I am using fusion charts XT javascript charts.

Consider the following situation - I have created Pie Chart and I have facility to edit that chart and select different chart types.

While I switch between different chart types, It works perfectly as I want, but while ajax call is fetching the data, it shows the error

"Chart type not supported with fusion charts logo below it".


Following is the code I user to switch between the charts - 




            var chartObject1 = FusionCharts("fu-chart-<?php echo $model->id ?>");                                                                                                                       

            //if chart is already created, then dispose it
            if(chartObject1 != null)
           //create the chart dynamically with chart type chartType
            var myChart = new FusionCharts( chartType, "fu-chart-<?php echo  $model->id ?>", "100%", "100%");
            var chartDataUrl = "path/to/url";


            myChart.render("chartdiv-<?php echo $canvasItem->id ?>");


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Guest Sashibhusan



Could you please alert the value of "chartType" before passing to FusionCharts() constructor and see whether you are getting the chat type with correct JavaScript chart alias name as provided in link:


If not, please modify your code accordingly, so that "chartType" will hold the correct chart type.


Hope this helps!

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