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Problem with Exporting chart

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Hi Team,


             We are facing a problem with Exporting Column chart. The Column chart is being rendered in size 1024 * 768 in Mozilla Firefox. And we are having Apache Tomcat Server to save the exported chart to Server Disk.


The problem is, when the chart which is rendered in 1024 * 768 size having More data is exported, there is an Error printing out in Tomcat Console saying below

com.fusioncharts.exporter.error.ErrorHandler buildResponse
INFO: Errors=<BR>statusMessage= Insufficient data. Width/height not provided.Background Color not specified. Taking White (FFFFFF) as default background color.<BR>statusCode=0

Above error is not appearing when same chart is rendered in size 800 * 600 or below.


The xml for Column2D chart is as below

<chart skipoverlaplabels="0" slicingdistance="20" exportenabled="1"
    exporthandler="FCExporter" exportatclient="0"
    exportformats="JPEG=Download as JPEG|PDF=Download as PDF|PNG=Download as PNG"
    exportaction="save" decimalprecision="2" useroundedges="1" is2d="1"
    caption="" xaxisname="Month" yaxisname="AVG"
    yaxisminvalue="0" yaxismaxvalue="5" bgcolor="CCCCCC" hovercapbg="DEDEBE"
    hovercapborder="889E6D" shownames="1" formatnumberscale="0"
    divlinecolor="CCCCCC" divlinealpha="80" alternatehgridcolor="CCCCCC"
    showalternatehgridcolor="1" rotatenames="1" enablesmartlabels="1"
    animation="0" rotatevalues="1" managelabeloverflow="1" basefont="Arial"
    basefontsize="14" basefontcolor="000000" exportfilename="myfilename">
    <set name="Apr, 13" value="10" color="#BA442E" />
    <set name="May, 13" value="20" color="#05B79" />
    <set name="Jun, 13" value="30" color="#B07372" />
    <set name="Jul, 13" value="40" color="#01BBBD" />
    <set name="Aug, 13" value="50" color="#4E9977" />
    <set name="Sep, 13" value="60" color="#C37ADB" />
    <set name="Oct, 13" value="70" color="#4CBABB" />
    <set name="Nov, 13" value="80" color="#550703" />
    <set name="Dec, 13" value="90" color="#50D226" />
    <set name="Jan, 14" value="92" color="#354C95" />
    <set name="Feb, 14" value="96" color="#98BC00" />
    <set name="Mar, 14" value="98" color="#8EDE8" />

Javascript code is

var myChart = new FusionCharts("../charts/Column2D.swf", "myChartId", "1024","768", "0", "0");

Please reply a solution as early as possible.



Thank you.

Edited by dilipkumar

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I am unable to replicate the issue with the said dimensions.


Please find attached exported image and console log.



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