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Vertical line as the last point

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I have a MS Line chart that has vertical lines, however the vertical line does not show up if it's the last point on the chart.  Is there a way to fix this?  Thanks,


    <category label="04/01" />
    <category label="04/02" />
    <category label="04/03" />
    <category label="04/04" />
    <category label="04/07" />
    <category label="04/08" />
    <category label="04/09" />
    <category label="04/10" />
    <category label="04/11" />
    <category label="04/14" />
    <category label="04/15" />
    <vLine label="firstlabel" labelPosition="0" linePosition="0" color="666666" />
    <category label="04/16" />
    <category label="04/17" />
    <category label="04/18" />
    <category label="04/21" />
    <category label="04/22" />
    <category label="04/23" />
    <category label="04/24" />
    <category label="04/25" />
    <category label="04/28" />
    <category label="04/29" />
    <category label="04/30" />
    <category label="05/01" />
    <vLine label="secondlabel" labelPosition="0" linePosition="0" color="666666" />

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Guest Sashibhusan



With regard to your query, as you are plotting the vertical line at the last, the line will overlap on the canvas border and only the label will be visible.


Please find the screen shot of the JavaScript chart rendered using latest FusionCharts XT v3.3.1sr3 files and the XML data used, for your reference.


Hope this helps!




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