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Column 2D vertical div line not showing

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I have given the following chart properties for Column2D chart, in this numVDivLines given 11 , but i am not getinng the vertical div line , what is wrong on this code , how to fix this. Find the attached image of the output chart

<chart plotGradientColor="" showPlotBorder ="0" numVDivLines="11"  animation="0" divLineAlpha="0" caption=""  showValues="0" decimals="0" formatNumberScale="0" vDivLineIsDashed="1" vDivLineDashLen="10" numberPrefix="$" vDivLineDashGap="2" vDivLineColor="000000" vDivLineAlpha="80" showAlternateHGridColor="0" showFCMenuItem="0" showYAxisValues="0" showBorder="0" canvasBorderAlpha="10" toolTipBgColor="854019">\n\



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Column2D chart do not support numVDivLines.


Please use vLines. vLines are vertical separator lines that help you separate blocks of data. These lines run through the height of the chart, thereby segregating data into different blocks.


Ref. Code:

<vLine color='FF5904' thickness='2' />


Hope this helps!

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