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Column Chart values to be above the bar

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basically my issue is that the data goes inside the bar graph. We don't like that, and would like the data value to be always above of the bar graph. I thought of adding yAxisMaxValue to give extra space, to keep the data value above the bar however, the numDivLines becomes only 1. Even If I set it specifically I only see one line.



this is my XML


var divListingPriceVsRentedXML = "<chart Caption='Listed VS Rented Price' NumberSuffix='%' ShowValues='1' ShowBorder='0' LegendNumColumns='1' PaletteColors='B63729,959595,666666' BGColor='FFFFFF' ValuePosition='ABOVE' CanvasBorderThickness='.5' LegendBorderThickness='.5' PlotBorderThickness='0' BaseFont='Inherit' CaptionFontBold='0' PlotGradientColor=' ' AlternateHGridColor='#ffff' DivLineThickness='.5' ShowLegend='1' AnchorRadius='.1' yAxisMaxValue='142'  numDivLines='6' ><styles><definition><style name='myCaption' type='font' size='14'/></definition><application><apply toObject='Caption' styles='myCaption' /></application></styles><set border='0' label='Agent' value='81.81' /><set border='0' label='Office' value='0.00' /><set border='0' label='Region' value='118.63' /></chart>";FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript');var FusionChartdivListingPriceVsRented = new FusionCharts("FusionCharts/Column2D", "FC_divListingPriceVsRented", "250", "250"); FusionChartdivListingPriceVsRented.setXMLData(divListingPriceVsRentedXML);var CallToRender_divListingPriceVsRented=FusionChartdivListingPriceVsRented.render("divListingPriceVsRented");





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