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Hello All,


We are using Fusion Chart control in our windows based application.


We are facing issue of "Invalid XML data" after recent flash updates.


It's working properly when we generate without any drill down. When we try to do drill down with date, it start giving an error in some of the reports and some of the reports are working fine.


Please help me how I can debug the issue.


Thanks in advance.

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Guest Sashibhusan



If you are getting "Invalid XML data" error message for a particular drill down level, it mostly the issue is the XML data corresponding to the chart is malformed.


There could be various possibilities of this issue, which you can troubleshoot by referring to the link:


If still the issue is not resolved, please provide the complete XML data provided to the chart, which causing the issue.


Awaiting your valuable response.

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Hello Sashibhushan, 


Thanks for reply.


We are able to figure out the issue. It is creating issue when we first open the chart. If we try to change the chart and select same chart again, it is working fine.


We are not sure reason for it.


Please help us on it.


We are not using any XML format for it. We are passing CSV data with special deliminator and load it to the graph.

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XML messages should be parsed prior to sending them to the system and upon receipt. This ensures that the messages sent are valid and messages received are correctly interpreted. When parsing, please ensure that you are using an industry standard parser that parses the message against a local copy of the WorldPay Document Type Definition (DTD). Do not rely on a self built parser.All XML messages sent to the system must be well-formed and valid.For the XML to be well-formed must adhere to a number of rules, including:
· Every start tag must have a matching end tag.
· Elements must not overlap
· There must be exactly one root element
· Attribute values must be quoted
· An element may not have two attributes with the same name
· Comments and processing instructions may not appear inside tags
· No unescaped [<] or [&] signs may occur in the element’s or attribute’s character data

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