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Regarding export javascript (not flash) chart as image, have been able to setup php export handler

Setup your own server to process and export JavaScript charts


When can expect similar javascript charts export for J2EE server? Using Tomcat here. Was able to setup export for flash charts but about to use javascript rendering and php is overwhelming

In the meanwhile, is there any work around? Have been trying with phantomjs, but unable to reach charts which are behind the gates of login-realm



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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.

For pure JavaScript charts, export using PHP is one of the options, the other being use of Batik Rasterizer library.

You may use the Batik Rasterizer library. Batik Rasterizer library is a third-party library. Since Batik Rasterizer library is a third-party library, we do not have native implementation of this library in Java/J2EE. However, since Jar files of Batik have also been developed using Java, you can import the Jars files of Batik to use them directly in your Java based application.


Hope this helps!

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