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I have created a chart that groups by quarter and then drills down to the monthly figures with that particular quarter (By-Qtr-Month.jpg).


The issue I'm having is that the Drilldown results in "No Data to Display" (No-Data-to-Display.jpg) despite the adjacent chart showing the monthly figures


Both charts are getting the data from the same list and view and the chart settings (chart type etc.) are the same as other, working drill down charts.


I'm using Collabion v1.1.3.0.


So far I've deleted the chart and recreated it to make sure there wasn't some glitch in the initial data connection

I've also created the adjacent chart to ensure it was reading the correct data





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Regarding upgrading to v2.0.3.0,  having read the installation instructions, does the setup need to be run on each WFE or just the main (Central Admin) server. It's a bit of a noobie question but we are in between SharePoint Application Support Contracts and I'm not sure when the new contract is going to begin!

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