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AngularGauge - getSVGString() : lost pointer if VML (IE8)

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When I use the methode FusionCharts(chartId).ref.getSVGString() on my AngularGauge, hte result is different when I'm in SVG mode or when in VML mode.


In SVG mode, I get this (and it's ok !)

    <g class="red-pointers-762" transform="matrix(1,0,0,1,95,65)">
      <path d="M80,0L80,0L0,5L0,-5Z" fill="#000000"
      fill-opacity="1" stroke="#999999" stroke-opacity="1"
      stroke-width="1" style=""
      transform="matrix(-0.5495,-0.8355,0.8355,-0.5495,0,0)" />

In VML mode, I get this :

    <g style="" transform="matrix(1,0,0,1,95,65)">
      <path d="M0 0" style=""
      transform="matrix(-0.5495,-0.8355,0.8355,-0.5495,-1.071,-3.5775)" />

So my pointer is lost when rendering this SVG...


Have you any idea to resolve this problem ?


My FusionCharts version is 3.3.1 SR3

The browser used for VML mode is Internet Explorer 8

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Guest Sashibhusan



We are looking into this issue.


We will get back to you with the updates on this, as soon as possible.

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